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Infernal Restraints is the Source of original extreme device bondage porn from the creators of Insex and bondage legend PD. Electro Torment
Infernal offers unique bondage devices both historically and erotically significant such as metal bilbos, fiddle, steel shackles, locking gags, metal and wood stocks, and elaborate device bondage pieces like the "scavenger's daughter."

At, PD and others bind beautiful women with chains, metal bondage, metal restraints, custom wood devices, collars, leather bondage straps, head harnesses, ring gags, drool gags, tongue clamps and other humiliating bondage implements in inescapable bondage.
In real device bondage, InfernalRestraints binds hot and willing porn stars and girl next door amateurs in incredibly extreme and elaborate predicament bondage to submit in harsh punishment and incredible humiliation bondage domination submission play.
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This surely isn’t like any type of medieval festival that you’ve been to! These whores are bound and beaten down by their masters in these extreme torture inquisition scenes. They are battered and bruised and kept in a dirty dungeon until their next naked inquisition comes!

Inquisition Sexual Torture? Torture Of A Witch

These scenes show extreme and bizarre inquisition sexual torture by sluts who are made to suck the cock of their masters. She has been accused of being a witch, and now she must pay for her sins of witchcraft! Watch this filthy wench be made to serve as a sex slave at the whim of her captors and they will absolutely show no mercy until they are finished with her.

extreme torture inquisition? inquisition sexual torture

As one master forces himself inside her, watch her choke down another’s cock!

See Just How She Is Made To Pay For Her Witchcraft!