Infernal Restraints

Infernal Restraints is the Source of original extreme device bondage porn from the creators of Insex and bondage legend PD. Electro Torment
Infernal offers unique bondage devices both historically and erotically significant such as metal bilbos, fiddle, steel shackles, locking gags, metal and wood stocks, and elaborate device bondage pieces like the "scavenger's daughter."

At, PD and others bind beautiful women with chains, metal bondage, metal restraints, custom wood devices, collars, leather bondage straps, head harnesses, ring gags, drool gags, tongue clamps and other humiliating bondage implements in inescapable bondage.
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As this redheaded heathen is put into a stock for her terrible misdeeds, she is shown just how humiliating a naked inquisition can be!

humiliating  naked inquisition

She takes a serious caning from the village elders as she is placed in the wooden stock and unable to move. She is made to stand there and think about just what she has done to deserve this corporal punishment in the first place!

corporal punishment  torture inquisition scene

These torture inquisition scenes include this wench in shackles led by a horse before being placed in the stocks. Then after she is helpless to their mercy, they feel her tits and grope her while she is completely immobile. She is taught a harsh lesson for her punishment which she will never repeat again!

This disobedient little slut has been not minding her wifely duties to her husband, so he has turned her over to the proper authorities so that they can give her a little lesson in harsh penetration! She is strapped to a table where she receives a naked inquisition by her captors.

naked inquisition  inquisition sexual

Then the little wench is blindfolded so she doesn’t know what to expect next. Imagine her fear and having her imagination running wild as to not knowing what would happen to her next! They made her suck a giant dildo and then rammed it up her pussy so that she would experience what it felt to have such a deep penetration. As she took the inquisition sexual torture, she got a good pussy stretching.

inquisition sexual  inquisition sexual

This deserving bitch is receiving her just punishment as she sits in the dreaded Interrogation Chair! After receiving a harsh caning by the Colonel, this whore is subjected to a naked inquisition by another female guard. Her tits are tortured by electric currents that are clamped tightly onto them as she learns more about inquisition BDSM. Any secrets that she may have, she is definitely going to spill now! Once she is in the Interrogation Chair, her legs are spread wide for any whim that he might have with her body. She is strapped in tightly and completely unable to move as she helplessly watches the currents of electricity move through her body. What will she have in store for her next?


This surely isn’t like any type of medieval festival that you’ve been to! These whores are bound and beaten down by their masters in these extreme torture inquisition scenes. They are battered and bruised and kept in a dirty dungeon until their next naked inquisition comes!

Inquisition Sexual Torture? Torture Of A Witch

These scenes show extreme and bizarre inquisition sexual torture by sluts who are made to suck the cock of their masters. She has been accused of being a witch, and now she must pay for her sins of witchcraft! Watch this filthy wench be made to serve as a sex slave at the whim of her captors and they will absolutely show no mercy until they are finished with her.

extreme torture inquisition? inquisition sexual torture

As one master forces himself inside her, watch her choke down another’s cock!

See Just How She Is Made To Pay For Her Witchcraft!

helpless females slaves  medieval torture

This sick and twisted bizarre extreme fetish site is not for the weak of heart! They use ancient medieval torture methods to make these helpless females slaves squeal from the torture. It is just like the brutal days of witch torture, these frightened whores are gonna confess any sins they may have as long as they are held under a red hot flame!

medieval torture methods  inquisition scene

Plus they are merciless tied up in bondage as their captors have them completely unable to flee! These are the world’s most explicit BDSM videos for the truly twisted. See this lovely lass getting her nipples and pussy tortured by real flames! Any secrets she has to reveal will surely be unveiled now in these naked inquisition scenes.

Enter And See These Bitches Suffering Under A Hot Flame!

Oh there is far more than just medieval torture of this suspected witch in the offing today. Her torture merely begins with nipple torture and I believe her tormentors would be disappointed if she confessed immediately. They love their work far too much for that.

Medieval Torture  Torture Of  The Nipples

The first step in interrogating a witch is to strip them down naked and this beauty is a delight to behold naked. Then a good whipping to drive the devil from the girl!

her tormentors  interrogating a witch

Then, the real medieval torture begins for this blonde beauty. After being bound securely where all she can do is scream her nipples are pierced with large needles. It’s a good thing she is tied down so well, because you can see her body shake and strain as that needle pierces her tender tit flesh.

Does this medieval torture end with her confession? The answer is here!

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